Saturday, November 27, 2010

Greg Shelley Guitar Students Perform in Edgewood

By Greg Shelley

I watched Josh Keenan and Jagger Hess last night.  Josh is a former student.  Jagger, well he may be moving on soon from Greg Shelley guitar lessons here at Private Guitar Enterprise--I mean, Jagger is getting to the point where he is able to learn on his own and could do fine without any lessons.  But I hope he stays for a while.

Josh, about 19 I think, is a former student.  He showed a performance level on par with many professionals.  He has only to incorporate original music instead of all cover tunes.  His sense of rhythm, continuity, definition and musical feel were all superior to most guitar and vocal performers you might hear.

Jagger is younger, 14 maybe, he is not far behind Josh in expertise.  He will become a very good musician. I'm using professional measures here as the standard.

As a guitar teacher, it is rewarding to have had some part in both of these young men's development.

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